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      Helloto my information page! With me   

Thanks for dropping by! This is Me Andy Cummings based in the U.K. 


Thanks for Visiting My Info here! Remember I keep in touch & help all who join me within the various programs I use & promote! If what you see here is of interest to you & you decide to join me please ad me as a contact on SKYPE asap look for BestOnTheNet1 Then when you realize the help I can offer you to ensure you succeed & gain more prosperity in life expect a contact message from me when you join me in a program you see that appeals to you!

  My online handle is aka BestOnTheNet

It's a user name I created along time back!

    It was in no way to assume that I personally was or am

the BestOnTheNet online..  

Over the years I have tried to learn my trade which is to be as competent 

as I can in using the many available tools that people need to become as

successful as one can in trying to achieve our goals and aspirations

in being able to earn that proverbial extra income..  

To be honest in this world of ours today it is becoming quite hard to

create a lifestyle that for those who are blessed with talents which

ensure there income levels is far beyond the majority of expectations

is to say the least hard to do.

Most of the people on our planet have hopefully a JOB that in most

cases means "Just Over Broke" I am certain Most would agree...

 So my handle BestOnTheNet is the way I try to inform all who are in

touch with me just what works for me..

     It's a site intro name I have used allot over the years..

Try "Google" it and see..

You will find me for sure.. Just type in BestOnTheNet

   I been online I believe 15 years now wow time fly's does it not..

It all started as a bit of a hobby of mine..

Just luv technology me.. Hope you do too..

But it soon changed into me being interested in ways of creating

an extra income..

I wonder if you do that too because my main contacts online whether

it be on the many social sites I am involved with..

Click to view me on my Skype or Facebook, Twitter plus Linkedin

Join me especially if you are of the same mind as me! 

Let's connect.. Just send me a request.. 

  This is me and my better half Julie, we have our daughter, Kirsty,

sons Jason and Darren to be thank full for along with our very first

grand children TJ and now Jasper too! 

All are the luv of our life the 5 of them..

   It's what we all work so hard for is it not..

          But me, my wife plus children are all a lot older now as these were

taken awhile back..

We live in the U.K. In a town known as Shipley in West Yorkshire.

     If you do one thing in life as you go on your way always be

thoughtful of how you think;

It's what I learned awhile ago now to do with the laws of attraction

and it works.

My son Daz sings on the info video I created you now see below.. 

My Thoughts about this well documented concept! from Me AndyC

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      The reason I created this page is mainly to introduce myself to

all who view it..

Why..  Because in my years online I have created a contact base

among my info sites of over 20,000 people and I decided it's about time

they got to know the real me.

         I am still working on creating this webpage so please call back

if you get the time.. 

I will be adding my personal video testimonials on all that I work with

online for all to see with links to the various ideas that work for me..

Hope it helps..

If only to show you that if over time you decide to become involved

with me, as we try and share ideas, programs or concepts online that

work for me and if I see what you do too that seems of interest, well,

you never know we may work together some day.  

As I always offer support to all concerned as that would be there for

you too..

Then let us all have a great new year 2023! 

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This is an archive of the band profile for Redwood Thinkers.

My son is Daz the guy with the hat on! Now alas no more!

Redwood Thinkers were a Leeds based acoustic/pop five piece; who played "highly memorable, hook laden music"

                           (Music HQ) and were described in Yorkshire's Sandman Magazine as "truly original song writing...                                                   melodic... with great vocal harmonies" 

     Formed in 2005 as an acoustic trio, one sold out album, two more members + 4 years later RWT have performed 100's of shows. From intimate acoustic sets in front of open fires in rural pubs, to festivals in cow sheds in front of people in wellies and samba climaxing loud, brash sets in bars across England. 
Their Falling Down single has been played as the MP3 of the week on BBC Radio Leeds (who described it as 'Brilliant').
        They have supported Teddy Thompson at Joseph's Well in Leeds and played to audiences at the Cavern club in Liverpool            and the Courthouse in Otley.

The Redwood Thinkers last album was 'Fade So Simple' The Band The Redwood Thinkers were as follows!:
Darran Cummings - Guitar/vocals My Son Daz the Guy with the hat on in the video you now see above!
Andrew Wright - Guitars/vocals/harmonica  Ruth Wilde - Electric/double Bass Kezia Roberts - Vocals/percussion/keyboards  Plus Emma Whitehead - Drums.

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